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this emofuri thing is pretty fun c: , spent a couple hours dinking around with my gaia avatar in it.

06 Jul 2014 1 note

06 Jun 2014 1 note

i meant to post this back when elder scrolls online came out. but posting is scary

29 May 2014 1 note

29 May 2014 1 note

Valeera is tired of your shit c:

16 Jan 2014 7 notes

super quick sketch of my shiny shark Sparky. only took 634 eggs e.o

13 Jan 2014 6 notes

got the pc version of RE:revelations on steam sale for christmas c:

maybe her wetsuit just has a really bad zipper? don’t get me started on jessica’s outfits…

29 Dec 2013 4 notes



If any of you are interested im going to be doing the pokemon x/y challenge, in a sketchblog style.

12 Oct 2013 snakeplayspokemony (VIA snakeplayspokemony) 4 notes

and here’s one of my otter fox dragon imperial . she’s gonna be breeding whenever the servers go back up. hopefully a big nest so i can keep some babies o3o

05 Aug 2013 4 notes

i’m almost out of distractions to keep me from leveling this character :c

05 Aug 2013 0 notes